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Are you ready to go big and do it your way?

memmo aims to be the next entertainment unicorn and bring true joy to humanity 🌈

Bring your drive and secrets for success to lead others, help us develop new departments, and establish a cornerstone moment for your career.

The highlights

  • Competent team

  • Well-funded

  • Rapid growth

  • Competitive pay

  • Freedom to be great

What we mean by going big and doing it your way

You’re ready to step up

You’ve worked with leaders and learned from them whilst developing your own flair. Now you’re ready to take the reins with a clean slate.

Lead by example

With hyper growth success comes continuous challenges threatening to crash it. You feel most energized when continuously switching between your micro and macro skillset in order to anticipate the future whilst excelling today.

No limit on how fast you can progress

Scaling to the next level is no mean feat. You will have all the tools at your disposal to shoot for the moon, elevating your role and the peers around you.

What we need from you in return

You inspire and execute

You are a visionary but you’re also a doer. You inspire others with your techniques and personality whilst developing efficient and innovative systems that can be built on far into the future.

You lead but also listen

Every smart person gets it wrong some of the time. Whilst you lead you also listen and continuously adapt as the company and your colleagues grow.

You’re joining to grow, fast

You see this move as a significant milestone in your career and an opportunity to advance quickly to meet the company’s future needs.



How we work + how we see things

We take ownership

We identify problems and take responsibility for solving them. We’ll empower you to own your work and expect you to empower others to do the same. 

We’re talent-first

Everything we do is in service of giving our talent the best possible experience. We treat everyone with respect and empathy because that helps us be the best we can be, which helps our talent be the best they can be. If going the extra mile is your default setting, we want you here!

We help each other belong

We’re building a team that celebrates the value that our differences bring us. We know you spend a lot of time at work, so we want you to feel comfortable being yourself. We’re a pretty small team now and it looks like we’ll be growing fast, so building a fun, open, and diverse culture is going to be crucial to our success.


What the press thinks

The hiring process



Heard enough?

Hopefully not. Send in an application and we’ll tell you more. No commitments from either side. Just a chance for us to get to know each other and an opportunity for you to show why we can’t live without you. And a chance for us to show you what can be created when you give people the freedom to do great things.

What our customers think

Or… tell us what we’re missing

We’re growing fast and we need the best people on board. You might know what we need, and where we need it, better than we do. So go ahead and apply if you think you would be a great addition to our team, but didn’t find a suitable open position.

Make up your own title

One last thing

You have probably done this already, but you should of course try out our service to get a feel for where we are at the moment. So go ahead and send a memmo. Why not send it to a friend who might become your new colleague?



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