We are hiring for our tech and product team

Freedom to do the best work of your career


We are building a tech team that values high output, high pace and having the opportunity to create a great product.


The highlights

  • Competent team

  • Well-funded

  • Rapid growth

  • Competitive pay

  • Freedom to be great

What we mean with all this freedom talk

Freedom of location

Work from where you are at your best. Be it from the office, your home or the beach.

Freedom of benefits

We’re all different, so we don’t have a defined set of benefits. Let us know what you need to be great and we’ll figure it out together.

Freedom of tools

Don’t let us know what you need. Just buy it. We trust you to be responsible with spending and want you to have what you need.

Freedom of work

We won’t hire you unless you thrive when given responsibility. Create awesome stuff and we’ll let you continue doing that.

What we need from you in return

Smart work > Hard work

Crunch time is sometimes necessary, but we prefer to work smart, making the right decisions and only putting in extra hours when we actually have to.

The love of shipping often and diligently

We shipped 2 times a day during the pandemic and we would like for you to increase that number.

Great craftmanship

We’re looking for the best. Show off your madest skills and we’ll be impressed. We hire the remarkable.

Being an adult

...at least when it comes to your craft. We’re on a too tight schedule to monitor you all the time. Do great work and tell great jokes.



How we work + how we see things

The sound of speed

Speed is of the essence. We’re a startup and we have a certain amount of precious months to prove ourselves. So we try to keep a laser focus on what’s critical for our growth at this stage. We do have a defined structure and experienced developers in the lead, but we are building the plane while flying it. Hopefully, that sounds exciting to you and seems like a place where you can flourish.

...or maybe a speed boat

Ok, the plane metaphor above isn’t the most accurate. It probably should be a boat or something, because boy do we like to ship. We’ve created a production pipeline that allows us to commit changes faster than any other place we’ve worked at so far. So get ready to see your code in action very, very soon.

Growing up is fun

We’re a fairly small team now, but we’re on a trajectory to grow like crazy. And so far we’ve managed to do it by working regular hours... with irregular quality of work. If you join now you’ll reserve a seat on a rocket that’s about to take off. And you’ll have the opportunity to board it.


What the press thinks

The hiring process



Heard enough?

Hopefully not. Send in an application and we’ll tell you more. No commitments from either side. Just a chance for us to get to know each other and an opportunity for you to show why we can’t live without you. And a chance for us to show you what can be created when you give people the freedom to do great things.

What our customers think

Or… make up your own title

We’re growing fast and we need the best people on board. You might know what we need better than we do. So go ahead and apply if you think you would be a great addition to our team, but didn’t find any suitable open position.

Make up your own title

One last thing

You have probably done this already, but you should of course try out our service to get a feel for where we are at the moment. So go ahead and send a memmo. Why not send it to a friend who might become your new colleague?


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